1. HALF SHADOWS CD is out now exclusively on the TOKiMONSTA Store. 10 dolla make ya holla! http://tokimonsta.bigcartel.com/

  2. My interactive music video is finally out for “Clean Slate”!! Hope you guys like the little preview monstas. There are more :)

  3. BAM #myscalpisangry

  4. Regram from playing the @joyrichla x Baby G party

  5. Get at this remix!!! I’d love to hear what you can do.

  6. #monstasarecoming (soooooon)

  7. A great day for Instagram photos

  8. Community Remix Project :: Get the stems for Clean Slate and make it your own! Share with each other, get creative, win some cool shit :: http://tokimonsta.com/remix.html

  9. #monstasarecoming (stay tuned for something special w all these little monstas. Artwork credit goes to Overture.)

  10. #monstasarecoming