1. [Last Night] Donut-monsta #portland #voodoodonuts

  2. [Last Night] Donut-monsta #portland #voodoodonuts

  3. Made a cameo in the @redbullLAX “This City Belongs to Me” vid w my dope LA fam. Peep & make your own #RBMAThisCity http://thiscity.redbull.com/

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  4. Dumbledore life w @misha_the_cat


  5. Helloooooooooo

  6. Good night catching up w my homies in Seoul @soonhoc @dddnnnmm @photosta

  7. A few days ago, catching vibes at the YG studio in Seoul. @choice37 @youngbeezzy #teddy

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  8. The fam Roy Choi did a tite vid for Google Glass.  Watch him make some Irish burritos.

    (He says his mom is crazy, but I think the consensus is that all Korean moms are batshit crazy)

  9. My song “Let Me Trick You” was in House of Cards, season 1 ep 6, during this bar scene w Zooey Barnes.

    I knew before the show aired the 1st season it would be somewhere, but I actually didn’t catch it the first time around. Just figured they didn’t end up using it… but they did! Super stoked because I’m a huge fan. Love everything, especially the scoring and music selection ;)

  10. Washed out