1. She’s a 10 on the bae scale: @laurafama

  2. Au naturale w my kpop pose.

  3. Some selfie I found. 🙈

  4. Leaked another track off Desiderium bc I’m sad but I wanna make others happy: bit.ly/1orhkqv link also in my profile description

  5. Lol. Thnx @olivierbonaparte

  6. Behind the scenes // #realla MV shoot // @laurafama and @guynimal setting up a shot // photo by: @jemappellejacqe

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  7. "Desiderium" - The ultimate album preview 👂👂

  8. Whhhat. My upcoming album title “Desiderium” is dictionary.com’s word of the day. ✌️🎉

  10. #tbt whatchu know about my dot matrix birthday banner

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